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Beech clump yamadori bonsai tree
Yamadori beech clump collected many years ago. Height approx 50cm, width 60cm
Broom Style elm bonsai tree
Broom style elm bonsai tree, apporx 40cm tall
Chestnut specimen bonsai tree
shaped large sized chestnut bonsai tree approx 65cm tall
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Cork bark elm bonsai tree
Nice large cork bark elm bonsai tree at approx 45cm with 3cm dia trunk
Deshojo maple bonsai tree
Deshojo maple bonsai tree material height approx 35cm
Elm bonsai tree
Elm bonsai tree approx 45cm tall
Ginkgo bonsai tree
Ginkgo bonsai tree, height approx 42cm
Hawthorn bonsai tree
Interesting Hawthorn bonsai tree approx 35cm tall

Japanese Maple bonsai tree
Elegant Japanese maple (acer) bonsai tree approx 45cm high.
Kiyohime dwarf maple bonsai tree
Lovely little kiyohime shohin bonsai tree at approx 25cm tall, 27cm wide.
Larch bonsai tree
Larch bonsai tree, approx 35 cm tall, trunk diameter approx 60mm at base Bryan Albright pot
Rigida Juniper specimen bonsai tree
Stunningly shaped specimen rigida bonsai tree. Height approx 60cm
Sequiodendron forest bonsai tree
Metasequoia forest (dawn redwood) bonsai tree Height approx 27cm

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